Corporate Coaching/ Workshops

Aligning Leadership: Integrating Spiritual Wisdom with Executive Excellence

As a spiritual business coach with over 2 decades of executive leadership  in the tech sector, my mission is to guide leaders towards a harmonious alignment of their professional endeavors with their core values. My mission transcends mere success; it’s about crafting a journey that is both profoundly meaningful and richly fulfilling. I specialize in helping leaders shatter their limiting beliefs, empowering them to reach their loftiest goals. My experience is vast, ranging from Fortune 500 to startups, and I’ve been honored to collaborate with a diverse group of leaders, including COOs, Vice Presidents, entrepreneurs, doctors, and PhDs. At the heart of my coaching methodology lies the ancient wisdom of meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda, as well as visualization, affirmations, and the foundational Six Human Needs. All are seamlessly integrated to ensure the soul thrives as the very heartbeat of any organization.

My classes are full of energy, lots of love and passion where we come together and turn up our light so bright … and when you’re ready, you’ll even set your soul on fire.

The Journey

Are you ready to live your best life ever? Are you ready to let go of the things that are not serving you, and release the things that are out of alignment including toxic people, toxic patterns and toxic behavior? Are you ready to cut the cords to the limiting beliefs that have held you back & keep you stuck? Are you done with the bull shit and your excuses?