Awaken, Transform, and Thrive: Unleash Your
Inner Power with JKS Yoga!

Jennifer with JKS Yoga will guide you on the most incredible journey of self development & transformation. Get started today with yoga classes, group coaching, private coaching or one of her transformational retreats. You will awaken your mind, body & spirit and ultimately create the life you that you absolutely love.

Today is the first day of your transformation.

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Embark on a transformative journey with our one-on-one coaching sessions, designed to unlock your full potential and align your life with Ayurvedic balance. Together, we will confront challenges, nurture self-growth, and craft a sustainable strategy for success and wellness.

You belong here!


If it’s your first time, or the hundredth, I invite you to lean in and join a class! The foundation of yoga is pranayama. We begin with breathing and allowing stillness in our being. To connect to our breath, to our body, and to consciousness.

Welcome to an Extraordinary Life!

I’m Jennifer Kenney-Smith, and it’s my joy to meet you here at the threshold of transformation. As a dedicated guide in your journey towards wholeness, I bring ancient wisdom into modern clarity, crafting a path to healing that’s as nurturing as it is powerful.

My calling is to be your ally in a quest not for a life that’s merely satisfactory, but for one that’s truly extraordinary. My mission is heartfelt and clear: to dissolve the barriers to your well-being and unlock the vibrant potential that awaits within.

With the timeless principles of Yoga and the holistic healing of Ayurveda, we’ll embark together on a journey of discovery. This isn’t about abstract theories; it’s about making authentic, meaningful changes where you stand today, and soaring towards the dreams that light up your life today!

We’ll tap into the wellsprings of your inner strength, break free from the confines of the ‘comfortable,’ and redefine the limits of possibility. Our work is spiritual in essence but grounded in the reality of who you are—mind, body, and soul intertwined in the beautiful dance of life.

Join me, and let’s begin the heartfelt journey of returning to your fullest, most vibrant self. 

The Power is already within you.

Real Stories from JKS Yoga Journeyers

Jasmine M

I love attending Jennifer’s workshops. She creates the most magical and life changing experiences!

Tiffany S.

Jennifer’s workshops are incredible! She takes you on a journey of discovering your greatness, with music, movement, laughter and tears - they are fun, empowering and transformative!

Michelle B.

Holy Wow! Jennifer truly is a transformational artist- she knows how to combine multiple modalities to help her students with their healing and growth journey. Working with her has completely changed my life.

Discover YOU.

I’ve learned I am love and where there isn’t love, I can create it. I love myself, I love my life and all the love that I have created in my world. I choose love. I choose me. And I choose to be here and present to share how to create this love in you.

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My classes are full of energy, lots of love and passion where we come together and turn up our light so bright … and when you’re ready, you’ll even set your soul on fire.

The Journey

Are you ready to live your best life ever? Are you ready to let go of the things that are not serving you, and release the things that are out of alignment including toxic people, toxic patterns and toxic behavior? Are you ready to cut the cords to the limiting beliefs that have held you back & keep you stuck? Are you done with the bull shit and your excuses?


I am so excited to share my Daily Rituals checklist based on the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda!  I use this to keep me on track for health and vitality, for my mind, body and soul!  You can begin today as part of your daily devotion to You!  I love you, Jennifer