Awaken Masterclass

Step into a journey of profound transformation with my masterclass, where the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation becomes your compass to a healthier, more vibrant you.

Over the course of 12 transformative months, we will embark on the most healing journey together—a quest not just for weight loss, or recovering from the painful challenges of life like divorce or cancer, but for rediscovering the joy of a life lived in balance and vitality.

This is an invitation to awaken your soul, to nourish and heal your whole self. Delve into practices perfected over 5,000 years, and emerge empowered to forge healthy habits that resonate with your deepest intentions. Every step is a step toward shedding not only physical weight but the burdens that weigh down your spirit.

In the nurturing environment of group dynamic coaching, you will be surrounded by empowering men and women, all united in their desire for growth and enlightenment. Together, we will create a symphony of shared aspirations, mutual support, and collective breakthroughs.

This masterclass is not just about learning—it’s about transforming. It’s a communion with ancient wisdom that holds the key to your best life yet. Each day, each practice, each moment of presence is a stepping stone to an awakened existence where health, happiness, and wholeness are not just dreamed of but lived and breathed into existence.

Join us on this unparalleled experience and discover your soul’s calling of your highest self. It’s time to live the life you’ve always envisioned, enriched by the most nurturing and healing habits ever known to humankind.

My classes are full of energy, lots of love and passion where we come together and turn up our light so bright … and when you’re ready, you’ll even set your soul on fire.

The Journey

Are you ready to live your best life ever? Are you ready to let go of the things that are not serving you, and release the things that are out of alignment including toxic people, toxic patterns and toxic behavior? Are you ready to cut the cords to the limiting beliefs that have held you back & keep you stuck? Are you done with the bull shit and your excuses?